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The Hook Up – TRIPLE J

Have you or someone you know had painful sex? Or not been able to have sex at all? And have you or someone you know ever been told about vaginismus?


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A man's sexual performance is often perceived as synonymous with his identity and ability to be a man.

I never received that many comments from young men who told me “Yes that’s me”


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Older people have more sex than you think

 By Adele Horin

Adele Horin, a former Sydney Morning Herald social affairs journalist died from cancer this week. She won a Walkley Award in 1981 for a series of articles about sex. This is a link to some articles about older people and sex, the last one she wrote only 2 months ago. We will miss her.


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Feisty female and fifty the new menopause

by Jill Margo

These days, 'the change of life' has less of an impact, and there is plenty of support and information, writes Jill Margo.

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THE MONA LISA TOUCH - Cutting Edge Laser Technology

 By Alison Richardson


ASSERT NSW hosted a very successful Education Night recently when Sydney gynecologist, Dr. Yasmin Tan, came to talk to us about an exciting new technology which is used to treat vaginal atrophy, a condition that plays havoc with the sex lives of many women

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Cancer survivors can have a fulfilling sex life

By Catalina Lawsin

Sex and cancer are words rarely uttered in the same sentence. But they should; after treatment ends, many cancer survivors are left with sexual changes that, when left unaddressed, can become long-term problems.

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Make time for yourselves during National Masturbation Month in May

by Matty Silver

You may be surprised to find out that May is National Masturbation Month!

The concept was started in May 1995 by Good Vibrations, the first sex-positive and women-friendly sex-toy shop in California.

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Pupils with learning difficulties are being denied their right to sex education

By Rachel Williams

Children with learning difficulties are twice as likely to be sexually abused and yet some schools – or parents – feel too embarrassed or angry to educate them.

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Sex, desire and pleasure in later life

Article by Dr Bianca Fileborn and others


Older people, and particularly older women, are often thought of as being asexual or sexually undesirable. Although the particular age this is believed to happen varies somewhat in the popular imagination, the idea that older people have sex is routinely dismissed, or makes many of us uncomfortable. Indeed, older people having sex are often the butt of jokes.

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Do Women Want Sex as much as men do?

Article by Matty SilveR

There is a common belief that most men would like to have sex all the time, but is this really the case?

Research shows that women want sex much more than we are led to believe. In my practice, I see almost as many women who complain their partners don't want sex as much as they do, as I see men.

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