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A revolution under the bedcovers

 Article By Amy Corderoy


 quotes by our members Professor Juliet Richters and Brett McCann


In bedrooms across Australia, an undercover revolution is happening. Sex toys, dressing up, same-sex encounters and oral sex are just some of the things being added to the sexual repertoires of everyday Australians, according to the second Australian Study of Health and Relationships, released on Friday afternoon.

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Erectile dysfunction a common problem


Article by Maureen Matthews


Many believe that women lose their libido at menopause and go off sex for life. Less is said about the large number of older men who begin to suffer erectile difficulties. Prostate problems are common, and some treatments can leave a man with no erection.

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Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy

An integrative model for exploring desire and intimacy, by Gina Ogden

BOOK Review by Alison Richardson (Editor ASSERT NSW)


Defining what we mean by sexual health is something of an ongoing challenge. Most therapists will probably agree that it is much more than addressing sexual performance – the frequency and duration of the sex act, the number of orgasms and other measurable components.

Why Is It So Difficult To Talk About Sex?

Article By Matty Silver

Sex is something that's difficult to ignore in our lives because it's everywhere in our culture; it's reflected in magazine and TV advertising, fashion, music, TV series and movies. You'd think we would all be open, relaxed and comfortable with it, but often the opposite is true.

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Dating and Mating

Book by Susan Alexander and Christina Taylor

Reviewed by Alison Richardson (Editor ASSERT NSW)

When it comes to dating the rules of engagement seem to be constantly shifting. It’s hard enough navigating the mating minefield when you are young. But what about the late starters or those who have been in long term relationships and are re-entering the fray?     

Zie plot thickens

Article by Dr Gavriel Ansara


Those of you who may not yet be acquainted with Agatha Christie’s fictional Belgian detective Hercule Poirot have a treat awaiting you in the Poirot series. One of the things I have always enjoyed about Hercule Poirot is his passion for discovering who people are beyond appearances.


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Cheaper Viagra good news
for men with erection problems

Article BY Bettina Arndt


Since Pfizer’s patent for the Viagra drug Sildenafil ran out two months ago, the cost per erection has dropped from more than  $16-20 to a couple of dollars. That’s great news for older single men nervous of dropping their pants with a new partner.


Asexuality - Dont be too hasty with labels

Article by Matty Silver


Some time ago I spoke to a-20-year old woman who wanted to talk to me about her belief that she is "asexual". Unlike her friends she’s never had a boyfriend and she isn’t really interested. She had discovered the Asexual Visibility & Educational Network (AVEN) website, and she thought: maybe that’s what my problem is, I must be asexual.

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Sex is agony for one in five women

Article by Manisha Krishnan


Those with chronic condition called vulvodynia experience burning, gnawing or stabbing sensations during and after intercourse, certain exercises and even while wearing tight pants.

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Dont fear the patriarchy girls - Just keep your knickers on


Article by rob brooks

There’s a video out there on the intertubes that’s got conservatives cheering and lefties in a lather. Actually such videos are legion, but I’m talking here about a particular one with the rather broad and even-handed title of The Economics of Sex.

You can watch it, but I must offer a trigger warning that people who have ever had sex before marriage, or know someone who has, might find its pure, unadulterated truth-bombiness a little too much for their besmirched souls to withstand.

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