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Lets Talk About Sex

Article by Professor Peter Aggleton

Like most people of my generation, I was brought up in a household in which my father would switch the television off as soon as anything vaguely "smutty" came on. He censored wildlife documentaries showing animals having sex and Carry On films alike.

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Family planning Conference 2013

Alison Richardson

Family Planning has come a long way since the days when you needed to be married in order to get contraceptive advice. Today the more than 28,000 visits made to the Family Planning NSW clinics each year are for information about everything from STIs and reproduction to labiaplasty and how to have an orgasm. Judging by the line-up for the annual 2013 conference Embracing Diversity sexual health and happiness is very much a part of the organisation’s mission.

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The elderly don't have sex? Carers in nursing homes are seeing otherwise and often butting heads with families and the law over how to deal with it.

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Last year, New York artist Sophia Wallace started work on a multimedia project which she hoped would serve to challenge the misconceptions about the clitoris. The ongoing project is called "100 Natural Laws of Cliteracy", and has been shown in an exhibition that includes a series of prints, street art and clothing, and features an interactive installation of a giant golden clitoris.

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ON Pornography - Sex and being Dr Jude Roberts - Porn User

+ BBC News night panel discussion on the subject


I’m happy to be labelled a ‘porn user’. I am a user of porn. Although the connotations of the word ‘user’ are somewhat unnecessary. I use porn in the same way I use other forms of culture – for stimulation and entertainment. These, after all, are what culture is for. And make no mistake, porn is a form of culture, just like any other. Just like TV, films, books, computer games, theatre and the visual arts, porn reflects and reflects on the ideas, concerns and attitudes of the culture in which it’s produced.

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Are Australian men too stressed for sex?

 ABC Life Matters Interview with

Elaine George


Men are the ones stereotypically thought of as always wanting sex. But new research by our own ASSERT NSW sexologist Elaine George seems to be suggesting otherwise. She believes low sexual desire in men is Australia’s best-kept secret.

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the great porn experiment

 Alex McClintock


With input from Brett McCann


Research indicates that in the majority of developed countries, people are having more different kinds of sex at a younger age than ever before – in the US in 1992, 16 per cent of women aged 18-24 had tried anal sex, now the figure is closer to 40 per cent. There’s not enough evidence to nail down porn as the catalyst, but it seems likely.

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Mismatched Libidos

 matty silver


 My blog 'Mismatched Libidos', published at the end of last year received such an enormous response, that I decided to write a follow-up. The subject set off some interesting discussions. Some of the comments included: I have given up pursuing sex as I am sick of rejection by the woman I love and lust after.

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Addressing a group of health practitioners and counsellors at the Mental Health Professionals Network, Sydney psychologist Philip Hilder described how he uses mindfulness in his specialist trauma treatment, which includes clients who have been raped and sexually abused as well as those with serious addictions and personality disorders.


Mindfulness and Trauma

Mindfulness is very much today’s buzz-word. From blogs to scientific papers people are extolling the effects of this tool to being present. It will help us sleep, lose weight, relax – indeed mindfulness appears to be the latest universal panacea. But there are also significant clinical applications for this ancient technique, which has its origins in Buddhist philosophy and practice.

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ARTICLE By Alison richardson

review of The Education night talk (02/10/12)

given by Nina Funnell


SEX lives online: sexting, social media and technology  


From the humble bicycle to the latest in blue-tooth mobile phones young people have long been harnessing new technology to promote greater sexual freedom.  Speaking at the latest ASSERT NSW Education Evening journalist and social commentator, Nina Funnell, told us how young people today are incorporating mobile phone use and social technology into their dating lives.

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