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SEX Down Under is finally available as a Kindle or an e-Book

ASSERT NSW Presidents’ book, SEX Down Under is finally available as a Kindle or an e-Book on Amazon, Kobo and Apple iBooks.

Please check it out and may be recommend it to your friends or colleagues! She would really appreciate that!




In this free Parents Program, parents will learn:

  • The harmful effects of hypersexualized media and hardcore porn.
  • How to teach healthy sexuality and strengthen resilience to hypersexualized culture and porn.
  • How the use of porn affects the brain and can lead to habituation and addiction.
  • How to support and guide kids every step of the way.


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For women who have difficulties or never experienced a clitoral orgasm this is an excellent vibrator to recommend to your clients.



Invitation to participate in a survey for people who identify as bisexual


This survey is part of a PhD research project exploring the lives and wellbeing of people who are attracted to their own gender and at least one other gender and/or people who have had sexual experiences with people of their own gender and at least one other gender. Please participate in this survey if you fit these criteria and are over the age of 18 and currently living in Australia. If this is you, completing this survey will help us to increase understanding and awareness of people who very rarely have an opportunity to have their voices heard in our society.


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A Quick Guide to the Cass Theory of
Lesbian & Gay Identity Formation



Vivienne Cass’ new book offers a snapshot of the theory she wrote which has at its core the psychological process by which people develop a lesbian or gay identity. Written 45 years ago and still used extensively today, Dr Cass integrates, for the first time, the various facets of her theory that have previously been dispersed throughout various publications. This brief overview addresses the often held myth that the theory is simply a  description of the six stages of identity formation, and reveals the complete theoretical framework in which this process is actually embedded. It offers an excellent resource for researchers, educators and health professionals, both those new to the theory and those wishing to confirm their understanding of it.

The book is available as an ebook and can be obtained from all major ebook stores, including: and For further information go to


Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery - An Important Short Survey



The popularity of FGCS is rapidly growing, yet GPs and other health professionals have had little, if any, education regarding this new phenomenon, the various options and the related risks and benefits.

Genital modification for cosmetic reasons has many implications, both social and medical, and your participation in this survey will help us further develop educational tools that you can use to better inform and educate yourself and your patients.

The information you provide is completely anonymous and confidential and will be of invaluable assistance in developing appropriate and useful education on the topic for the health professional community.

It will only take about 5 minutes of your time!

Click here to complete the survey.

The survey has been designed by a Dr Magdalena Simonis and has received full ethics approval.

The Really Useful Grown-Ups Guide to Dating & Mating


This book is an instruction manual for Men and Women.

It's a How To and How Not To guide to getting out there again

 Reviewed by Alison Richardson at RECENT ARTICLES

Recent Book Release


Ten Conversations You Must Have with your Son


Talking to boys about life's big questions isn't always easy.

Writer and educator Dr Tim Hawkes has assembled a list of conversations about love, identity, values, sex and money to help boys grow into productive men.

Check out the interview with ABC Radio National's Natasha Mitchell.


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LGBTIQ Chat Club

A group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people, and their friends, with intellectual disability. Sponsored by Family Planning NSW and Waverley Council. 


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Male Sex Work and Society


Edited By Victor Minichiello and John Scott


This new collection explores for the first time male sex work from a rich array of perspectives and disciplines.

It aims to help enrich the ways in which we view both male sex work as a field of commerce and male sex worker themselves.


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