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Family Planning Conference 2012

Report by Allison Richardson
News Editor ASSERT NSW

Every day 125 million people have sex. Yet despite these staggering numbers we still struggle to talk about sex and for many it is a subject cloaked in guilt and shame.

Launching the annual Family Planning NSW conference Dr Gill Greer, director general of the International Planned Parenthood Federation 2006-11, said that despite the interconnectedness of today’s world millions of people “have neither voice or choice” when it comes to sexual health with 222 million unable to access contraception.

More than 250 doctors, nurses, counsellors and others involved in sexual health attended the two day Raising the Bar conference in Sydney where Dr Greer commended Australia for its efforts in fighting HIV and AIDS but stressed the vital importance of investing “as much in the second ten years of life as we do in the first ten years” in order to address the vulnerability of adolescents and to improve their resilience.

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