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APPLE was not able to cope with the name: The ILLUSTRATED CLITORIS

It is now called

Explore Women's Sex


What is it?
The latest publication by well known Australian sexual therapist and sexology theorist Dr Vivienne Cass, an educational program that teaches about a woman's clitoral anatomy in a way that is fun and informative.

Who is it for?

  • Ideal for the general public who want to learn about a woman's sexuality and use this information to improve their sexual relationships
  • A great resource for sexology students, sex educators, medical and psychology professionals, sexual therapists and counsellors

Why do we need it?

  • The topic of women's clitoral anatomy is not something that is easily spoken about
  • This information is not available in some communities
  • It's only in the last decade that we have uncovered the facts about the clitoris
  • Some books and articles on the topic are heavy reading
  • The app is a good resource for health and education professionals who can use it for their own education as well as teaching their clients, patients or students

What does it do?

  • it offers the best diagrams of the clitoris that are available
  • it provides a selection of 5 easy-to-read coloured diagrams of the clitoris
  • tapping on the different body parts takes you to information about each part
  • try the Fun Cliteracy Quiz or the Serious one to see how much you've learned
  • read the Turn-on tips to get some ideas on what turns women on

Why you will want to use it.

For the general public:

  • you may be curious about the physical aspects of women's sexual arousal and want to learn more
  • you can buy the app and learn about the clitoral anatomy in private (less embarrassing and avoids prejudices from the community)
  • you can have fun while learning something
  • it's cheaper than buying a book on the topic
  • this may be the only way you can get sexual information
  • there are different things to do on the app so it's not boring

For the professional:

  • it's a good source of reliable information
  • it provides information in an area of sexuality that isn't readily available in the professional literature
  • the app creator is a well-known sexologist and author
  • refer your clients/patients to an inexpensive source of information

Unique Features

  • first serious high quality sex education app
  • can be used by a range of audiences and cultures
  • app has several different ways of presenting the material
  • easy-to-read text and diagrams
  • diagrams are most up-to-date available
  • author a qualified authority
  • designed for both app-savvy individuals and those who are inexperienced

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