Membership of ASSERT NSW is open to all professionals who are involved in the field of human relations, especially sexology.

These include counsellors, psychologists, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, social workers and other health care professionals.


There are many benefits to be a member, such as access to information and research through meetings, workshops, discussions and publications.

Networking and professional recognition are also important benefits

Education meetings and conferences are held throughout the year. Those meetings offer those involved in research, education and therapy an opportunity to explore their findings with other professionals.

The ASSERT NSW newsletter keeps members informed about current trends in sexual health counseling, research and education, articles, book reviews, conference announcements and special theme issues. Members are encouraged to be actively involved in this publication.

We also started our ASSERT NSW Peer Supervision groups.


There are three categories of membership:

Student Member
A student is a member who is enrolled in a relevant course or placement.

Download our application form for ASSERT NSW Student Membership:

Word format: ASSERT NSW Student Membership Application Form (Word)

General Member
A member who has a professional interest in sexology and sexual health.
Open to professionals working in counselling, psychology, social work, education, training, health sciences etc. 

Download our application form for ASSERT NSW General Membership:

Word Format: ASSERT NSW General Membership Application Form (Word)

Accredited Professional Member
A Professional Member is a member who has met the criteria set out by the Accreditation Committee of ASSERT NSW. Open to counsellors, therapists, educators and other professionals who fulfil the requirements as set out in the ASSERT NSW Professional Accreditation Criteria.

Download the ASSERT NSW Professional Accreditation Criteria:

Sex Therapist

Sex Educator

Sex Researcher

Download our application form for ASSERT NSW Professional Membership: 

Word format: ASSERT NSW Professional Membership Application Form (Word)

For all applications it is necessary to read the WAS Millenium Declaration of Sexual Rights.